The Roar War

The Roar War is a children’s book I’ve written taking place right out of a day-in-the-life-of-me … A war erupted in my back seat, and what ensued was pure hilarity. My two older children were in their car seats and hashing it out, animal style! Of course, I had to get it all down in book form. 😉

This book is written and illustrated by yours truly.

Check out a little snippet of what’s to come:

“We started our journey out like every other before
When upon my backseat erupts a full-on Roar War!

From this way and that, I can hear only cat
As critters take the place where my kids had once sat!

These cat sounds got louder & more ferocious, it seems;
Until it’s lions in my backseat, on opposite teams! …”

This isn’t all, either. I have plans for at least three other children’s books in the works as well. We can have so much fun with our kids, both with words and with books. Let’s pass on the love. <3

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