Oracle 40K words and rising

Oracle is an urban fantasy/supernatural/science fiction/historical romancey-type novel. Written about a woman who is a popular psychic, but who also has a hidden secret. She appears to be 23, but she’s been stuck that way for as long as she can remember. More than that-she has no clue about her own past for future.

What would you do if you could see the future?

Diana Hawthorne can do just that. Every day she delves into personal prophecies, giving guidance to those who need it. There’s a catch; while she helps others see where they’ve been, to know where they’re going… she has no recollection of her own beginnings. Nothing before the age of twenty-three holds residency in her mind.

Then she meets a man named Blake. A cocky, self-assured private investigator, and way too handsome for his own good… Diana immediately takes a disliking to him. There’s something odd about him she just can’t put her finger on. Fate intervenes, putting Diana in his path as she helps him solve a missing girl case. That same night, Diana starts having vivid dreams. Dark caverns, torches burning on walls, and an underground pond.

Determined to figure out her past, and what the dream means to her, Diana starts pushing her abilities to the limit. What she finds out could unravel her world, and unlock her memory.

Oracle is still in the works, and word count is currently rising. You can expect to see this novel in mid-2018.

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