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Holy Hell, the Pendomus Chronicles is Finished

The end of the Pendomus Chronicles

For the longest time, I didn’t think I’d ever type those elusive words for the Pendomus Chronicles. You know the ones… The end.

Yet, today, I did just that. I finished the first draft of REVOLUTIONS, the 3rd and final book in the Pendomus Chronicles.

I think I’m sorta in shock. Not only did I hammer out the rest of POLARITIES this year (Book 2, ya’ll), but I finished Book 3, too. What in the–? What? It’s taken me a little over six years to get these three books on the page, but now that they are, I am SO damn proud of it! I can’t wait for all of you to be able to read them!


So, you might be thinking, what now? When the bloody hell do I get my damn copy?

Well, the books both need to go into edits now. The drafts are there, the stories are written. But I need to look for inconsistencies, typos, and overall weirdness. The plan is to start on all of this on January 1st. In the meantime, I’m going to take a step back from the world and let the juices marinate before I dive back in. Hopefully with fresh eyes.

While I break from the writing in this world, I’ll be working on the book covers for both of these bad boys. I have tentative covers started, but now I need to get serious on the concepts. They’re boring at the moment, but that’s the way they all start. Hopefully, once they’re done, they’ll rock as much as Pendomus‘ does!

As for release, you don’t have much longer to wait! Both books will be published in Fall 2017!

Stay tuned!


Carissa Andrews is a multipassionate MN entrepreneur, sci-fi author, freelance writer, graphic designer and artist, unapologetic progressive, lightworker, truthsayer, and occasional badass.

Her YA science fiction novel Pendomus, is available now through Amazon. The subsequent novels in the series, Polarities (Book 2) and Revolutions (Book 3) are finished and entering final edits. They’ll both be released in 2017! Stay tuned for details!

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