Author, Know Thyself Online Course

Author Know Thyself

Get ready for a totally revamped Know Thyself Online Course designed specifically for budding authors!

Have you always wanted to write that novel, but just can’t get the motivation to finish it? Are you wondering what’s stopping you from getting the words on the page? Do you want to tap into your true potential and become the author you know you’re meant to be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the course for you. Over the next three months we’ll delve deeper into your untapped potential as I give you the tools to unearth what truly motivates you, drives you, and calls you to action as a writer. Trust me, I know how hard it can be to stay motivated and on course with your writing. Especially when there’s a family to take care of and life to live. However, if you’re committed to life as an author, getting the right mindset is the most important piece to unlock.

Each week, you’ll get access course information; including downloads, guides, writing prompts, maps, affirmations, and even meditations. You also get exclusive access to our Author, Know Thyself Online Course Facebook Group so you have support from others who are in this right there with you. We all have the potential to be kick-ass authors, but sometimes we just need a little more motivation, guidance, or nudge to move forward.

So what are you waiting for? Author, are you ready to Know Thyself?



Week 1: Understanding the Magic Author Mindset
Week 2: Creating Your Sacred Writing Space
     *Includes BONUS Feng Shui map
Week 3: Reprogram Your Mind: You Are an Author (Releasing Old Thoughtforms)
     *Includes BONUS meditation
Week 4: Set Yourself Up to Succeed (Let Go of Self-Sabotage)

Week 5: Attract Your Muse
*Includes BONUS meditation
Week 6: Embrace the Law of Attraction for Your Writing
     *Includes BONUS meditation
Week 7: Get Clear & Focused
      *Includes BONUS meditation
Week 8: Accepting Creativity Abundance
     *Includes BONUS meditation


Week 9: Spring Into Action Using the Right Tools
    * Includes BONUS list of tools used by professional authors
Week 10: There’s No Such Thing as Writer’s Block (Find Blessings in Failure)
     *Includes BONUS meditation
Week 11: Refine, Refine, Refine
    * Includes BONUS challenge ideas
Week 12: Unleash the Author in You







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