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Fuck Being Relevant, I’d Rather Be Me

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Many of us who work in a content driven world struggle with being on top of the “next big thing.” We want to be heard, to be found, to be undone. We want whatever we’ve been chasing to make sense and to be understood by others outside ourselves.

The interesting thing is, you may not be relevant. The thoughts in your head, the words on your page, the art from your brush may NOT make sense to others. It may not be meant to — not yet.

Art in itself is a form of prophecy. It sees into the future, extrapolates information, and pushes it back out to us; trying to warn, teach, or offer condolence far in advance of what are tiny minds can comprehend and process in this moment.

Why would you want to suppress the oracle in yourself in order to be relevant today? As an author, I’ve heard numerous iterations of the saying:

Write the novel inside you, not the novel you think others want.

There’s a reason for that. If you begin today, writing or creating what is relevant now, it may not be when the time comes to publish or unveil it. That time may have passed and while you’ll still have a finished piece, you will not have truly given of yourself. You won’t feel relevant, or connected.

I look around at all the hustle over the latest big thing on the internet — what’s the new trend — new product — new platform to try. Then, I take a step back and can’t help but think it’s all irrelevant. Even this post. We’re all on information overload and we’re beginning to reign ourselves back. We crave interaction, exploration, connection again. The kind that doesn’t involve a device.

Those who remember how to connect without technology will be at an advantage over the ones having to relearn how to walk in this world. We’ve been distracted and entertained for far too long, we’ve forgotten what it means to be truly alive.

Relevance happens when you walk in your authenticity, not when you’re chasing anything to take away the lack of in your life. Hey look, if chasing the next big thing brings you closer to your inner authenticity, go for it. Embrace that curiosity and forge ahead to follow the string to wherever it leads. But don’t do it for the sake of getting ahead of the curve. You’ll miss all the lessons along the way.

Don’t fear being misunderstood, different, weird, or just plain ahead of your time. No one else is living this life for you, so why not accept the way you see this world as not only unique, but ultimately necessary to the greater good. Who knows — five, ten, fifty years from now — you may find everything you’ve felt, thought, created has a home. It’s now relevant. And had you chased away your true, authentic urges, you would never have gotten there. Regret is brutal, people.

Dance to your own tune, paint whatever’s in your heart, write your soul onto the page. Whatever you do, do it with conviction. Be ridiculously awesome.

Fuck being relevant. Relevance is overrated.

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Author, Carissa Andrews

Carissa Andrews is a Multipassionate MN Entrepreneur, Sci-fi Author, freelance writer, graphic designer and artist, unapologetic progressive, Lightworker, truthsayer, and occasional badass.

Her YA science fiction novel Pendomus, is available now through Amazon. Polarities, Book 2 of the Pendomus Chronicles, and Revolutions, Book 3 of the Pendomus Chronicles are set to be released at the end of 2017! Sign up for my newsletter and stay tuned for release dates!

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