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Will There Be More Pendomus Novels?

With Revolution officially launched, and readers wrapping up the conclusion of the series, I've been getting this question a lot...

"Will there be more?"

For me, this is kind of a hard question to answer. At the moment, I don't foresee writing more in the this world, but as I've said before -- "Never say never." There's a lot that could still be explored in this world. I could do a prequel and give readers a better view of what it would have been like in the Helix before Pendomus (Book 1) officially takes off. Or I could show you all what Pendomus looks like after the conclusion of Revolutions.

So there's plenty of fodder left to play with. Plus, it helps that I know these characters pretty dang well. I did work with them for over seven years, after all. 😉

In the meantime, I have a couple of stand alone novels I've been dying to work on. While NaNoWriMo this year was pretty much a bust (I just didn't have the time or drive to do it with all that's going on with this launch), I still want to hammer out Awakenings. I also have another story I started AGES ago called Oracle (though that's a working title). My goal for 2018 is to get one of these novels finished by end of January so I can start working on the marketing prep and launch for it next year. Ideally, I'll have 2 books that go out next year--but if I only manage 1, that's awesome too. It all just depends on how the stories flow.

So now, I have a question for you! Which book would you like to see written more? Let's take a look at both...


Awakening is currently sitting at 6,254 words and is an adult urban fantasy story. There's swearing in it. It's more gritty. There are some horror-type elements. Magic. Mystery. And a battle between good and evil. (Shocker coming from me, I know... LOL!) This one is different from the Pendomus series, as I've decided to write it in third-person, omniscient. It follows a band of 5 people as they undergo an extraordinary "awakening" - one which could make or break the fate of Earth.

This was the NaNo 2017 project I started and just didn't get the time for yet.


Oracle is currently sitting at just 1,709 words and is about a psychic trying to find her way in the world. She was born psychic and has a hardcore gift, but with just one problem. She can't remember anything about her own past or future.

I started this one about the same time I started Pendomus (Book 1), so it's been sitting in the back burner for a while now until I could finish the series. Perhaps it's time for it to shine?


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