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Official Polarities Cover Reveal & Chapter 1 Snippet-o-Tease

Polarities is available today for preorder
Polarities Temporary Book Cover

Temporary Cover

I can hardly believe the time to show off the official Polarities cover is finally here! And I have a few more surprises up my sleeves! (Well, technically, I’m not wearing sleeves because it’s too freaking hot in central Minnesota, but you get my point). 😉

So here we go … Let’s start with what you came here for, right? The awesome cover for Book 2 of the Pendomus Chronicles! First, let’s begin by showing off the craziness that was my temporary cover (so you can see how far we’ve come). Remember this?

It was just meant to be a stand-in for NaNoWriMo, and of course, to give me a starting point to design the proper cover. I always start off with a watered down version of where I want to go, knowing if I play with it enough, I’ll eventually get there.

Now, on to the OFFICIAL Polarities Cover …



Ready to check out the two covers for Polarities? Here you go! The first is obviously the print version, the second is the Kindle version. What do you think of the transformation?

Polarities Full Print Cover


Polarities-Ebook-FINAL Book Cover

Polarities Official Cover

I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of how they both turned out! I love the contrast from Book 1’s blues and whites. It truly is a polar opposite in every way. 😉

Revolution’s cover design is coming up next. I have the temporary cover, but have yet to start the final design. Stay tuned, though. I’ll be doing the cover reveal for Book 3 on September 11th!







I DIDN’T THINK it would be this hard. Didn’t give much thought to how things would be at all, come to think of it. Kinda of just hoped taking a leap of faith would be enough to guide me through the rest of what was to come. Boy was I wrong.
My focus softens as I stare out over the undulating mounds of sand, heat radiating in rolling waves. With my NanoTech jacket bundled up in my lap, the absence of the protective fabric allows the small granules to pelt the soft skin of my arms. Each strike is like being burned with hot pokers and reminds me just how far out of my element I really am. I’ve never felt the unfettered sun on my skin before now. It isn’t as pleasant as you might think.
I take a deep breath and close my eyes.
For some reason, I assumed if I did what was expected of me—going into the Tree of Burden, seeking more answers as I was told— I’d have more support than this. More information, or details … not a mostly blank book which refuses to hand over any more of its secrets.
My eyes fall to the worn leather and paper of the Caudex beside me. Reaching out, I stroke the cover with my palm. I’ve stared at the same passages over and over, hoping to glean something new. They’re burned into my memory now; for whatever good it does me. There hasn’t been anything to help me determine my next steps, beyond what Adrian had given me.
What’s worse is this crushing pain of being all alone. I miss my friends, I miss Traeton …
Wow, do I miss him.
Once you’ve gotten used to someone’s presence, their absence is an enormous void; almost crushing. With everything that’s been thrown at me, I thought I’d be stronger … more capable to handle this somehow. What good is being this so-called Daughter of Five if it doesn’t mean anything? Just words.
How can I be the savior of the planet and bring about any kind of change here? I’m just as lost as everyone else—maybe more so.


I have some good news! POLARITIES is available today on Amazon for PREORDER! Click on the image below to order your Kindle copy now!

Polarities is available today for preorder

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