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Pendomus Chronicles Update 2017

Pendomus Chronicles Update

Hi there everyone!

Hope the first part of 2017 is treating you all well. 🙂

For me, it’s been a busy few months. How about a quick Pendomus Chronicles Update to catch you all up? There’s been lots to do in preparation of releasing Polarities (Book 2) and Revolutions (Book 3) of the Pendomus Chronicles later this fall.

Polarities went out to Beta Readers earlier this year and most of the feedback and corrections are in. I’m also wrapping up the final draft of Revolutions to be sent out to those same folks so I can get their take on how the whole story plays out and what I need to alter, update, etc.

I was hoping to have Revolutions done by now, but it’s been a busy year for my freelance business–and when you add in kids, life, and all that goes with it, well, progress is a little slower than you’d like. I’m currently sitting at about 6 chapters to finalize before getting the eBook and paper ARC ready. Which should be totally doable by my deadline of May 15. Don’t you think?

In the coming months, there will be plenty to keep an eye on. Pre-sale books will be ready to purchase on Amazon for Polarities by the end of June and by the end of July for Revolutions. With the books publishing in September and October of this year. I’ll also be teaming up with book bloggers to do a few book tours, as well as having cover reveals for both books. Very exciting stuff! Once I have a better idea of what that will look like, I’ll definitely let you know!

So stay tuned! More details and fun stuff to come!


Carissa Andrews is a Multipassionate MN Entrepreneur, Sci-fi Author, freelance writer, graphic designer and artist, unapologetic progressive, Lightworker, truthsayer, and occasional badass.

Her YA science fiction novel Pendomus, is available now through Amazon. Polarities, Book 2 of the Pendomus Chronicles and Revolutions, Book 3 of the Pendomus Chronicles are set to be released at the end of 2017!

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