Secret Legacy | The Windhaven Witches • Book 1
Secret Legacy | The Windhaven Witches • Book 1
Secret Legacy | The Windhaven Witches • Book 1
Secret Legacy | The Windhaven Witches • Book 1

Secret Legacy | The Windhaven Witches • Book 1

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Sometimes, the legacy you inherit is the one you were born to change.

Windhaven Academy isn't just another school, and Autumn Blackwood is about to discover why. Accepted under mysterious circumstances, Autumn finds herself in a place where the boundaries between the living and the dead blur, where an ancient legacy of magic and danger weaves through her own bloodline.

Autumn is thrust into a world of secrets, lies, and a curse that has haunted Windhaven for generations. As she navigates the complexities of her newfound abilities as a necromancer, the discovery of her family's deep-rooted connection to the academy sets her on a chilling path. Surrounded by students with their own hidden powers, Autumn must uncover the truth behind her family's past and the academy's dark purpose before it's too late.

But Windhaven Academy hides more than just ghosts. A tapestry of friendship, love, and betrayal unfolds as Autumn and her newfound friends dig deeper into the mysteries of the academy and their own identities. With every turn of the page, "Secret Legacy" takes you on a journey where the past and the present collide, revealing secrets that were meant to stay buried.

Will Autumn embrace her legacy and the power that comes with it, or will the academy's secrets lead her down a path of destruction?


"Secret Legacy" is the first book in the Windhaven Witches series, promising a blend of suspense, mystery, and paranormal intrigue that will leave readers spellbound.

Join Autumn as she steps into a world where every secret reveals a darker truth, and where her legacy is the key to unlocking a future she never could have imagined.

Read the first book in the international bestselling series now! 


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Whether you're looking for psychics, shifters, angels, demons, or witches, Carissa Andrews books have it all.


You'll only find badass women here. No matter which series you pick, each woman commands her space and evolves in ways you'll never expect.

Hang onto something. You're in for a wild ride!


In Carissa's worlds you need to balance the dark and thought-provoking with a bit of the unexpected and outright hilarious. Her side-characters are masters at making you laugh.

Just you wait and see.

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