Accidental Alpha


      The Accidental Alpha series invites readers into a spellbinding world where ordinary meets extraordinary, and a seemingly average woman is thrust into a supernatural realm filled with secrets, betrayals, and a destiny she never imagined. When Ella's life takes a harrowing turn on a desolate highway, she finds herself bitten by the dying Alpha of the Black Crater Pack, setting into motion a chain of events that will reshape her identity and challenge her in ways she could never have foreseen.

      As Ella grapples with her newfound powers and the complexities of her unexpected romance with Stone, the captivating bond between them deepens, pulling them together against all odds. Yet, lurking in the shadows are ancient rivalries and a vengeful ex-husband, hell-bent on disrupting Ella's newfound happiness. With her family's safety on the line, Ella must confront her destiny, embrace her unique role as a Moon Wolf, and lead her pack to victory against insurmountable odds.

      The Accidental Alpha series is a thrilling journey of self-discovery, love, and power, where a mother's strength is tested as she transforms into a supernatural force to be reckoned with, defending her loved ones from the shadows of the supernatural world.

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