Midlife Wolf Mate | Accidental Alpha • Book 3
Midlife Wolf Mate | Accidental Alpha • Book 3
Midlife Wolf Mate | Accidental Alpha • Book 3
Midlife Wolf Mate | Accidental Alpha • Book 3

Midlife Wolf Mate | Accidental Alpha • Book 3

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Midlife can go to hell.

Ella's life was finally taking a turn for the better. She had a shot at true happiness - an Alpha title she was beginning to master and a sizzling date with a man who could set her world on fire. Everything was falling into place.

That is, until the ghost of her past walked back into her life, uninvited and unwelcome.

Her ex-husband, the one person she'd rather forget, had returned with a vengeance. And he wasn't content with just stirring up old memories. He was calling the shots, throwing his weight around, and causing chaos for Ella and her children. They couldn't be less thrilled about his return.

Ella, though, had to bite her tongue and play nice, all the while hiding her newfound strength as a supernatural Alpha. Letting him in on her secret would be catastrophic.

But as her ex's presence loomed over her life, Ella couldn't help but long for the days when Silas was the biggest problem she faced.

Thanks to her ex's interference, Ella's carefully constructed world threatens to unravel. She must find a way to remove him from the picture before her newfound powers erupt in a blaze of supernatural fury, leaving her pack in ruins.

Midlife Wolf Mate is the pulse-pounding third installment of the Accidental Alpha series, where Ella Breene faces her most formidable challenge yet - navigating the treacherous waters of midlife, motherhood, and the supernatural world, all while trying to protect her pack from the storm brewing on the horizon.

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Calling all fans of KF Breene, Shannon Mayer, and Victoria Dannan! If you like snarky-fun humor, a sassy midlife heroine, and a hunky love interest — then you will LOVE Carissa Andrews' Accidental Alpha series.

Tap the BUY NOW button to get Midlife Wolf Mate today and dive headlong into this paranormal, heroine over forty, werewolf romance today!

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Whether you're looking for psychics, shifters, angels, demons, or witches, Carissa Andrews books have it all.


You'll only find badass women here. No matter which series you pick, each woman commands her space and evolves in ways you'll never expect.

Hang onto something. You're in for a wild ride!


In Carissa's worlds you need to balance the dark and thought-provoking with a bit of the unexpected and outright hilarious. Her side-characters are masters at making you laugh.

Just you wait and see.

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