Unlock the Secrets: The Awakening & Oracle Bundle
Unlock the Secrets: The Awakening & Oracle Bundle
Unlock the Secrets: The Awakening & Oracle Bundle

Unlock the Secrets: The Awakening & Oracle Bundle

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Exclusive Offer for The Final Five Readers

You've embarked on a journey through The Final Five, where the boundaries of reality and myth blur, guided by Diana Hawthorne’s unyielding spirit. But the adventure doesn’t end here.

It's only the beginning.

Why the Awakening & Oracle Bundle?

For your eyes only, a path unfolds—a special bundle that bridges the mysteries of The Final Five with their ultimate discovery in Awakening with the enchanting beginnings of the Diana Hawthorne series in Oracle.

The Final Five set everything in motion for both of these books. 

And now, this exclusive offer is your gateway to continue the odyssey begun in The Final Five by offering you a 20% discount. Here's what lies ahead:

  • Awakening: Venture into a tale of apocalyptic proportions, where the fate of the multiverse hinges on the actions of five unlikely angels. Their hidden powers unfold against a backdrop of sinister revelations, challenging everything they know about the past and their place in the world. It’s a story of unity, power, and the lengths we go to save everything we hold dear. Perfect for fans of cosmic battles, mythic challenges, and the power of found families.

  • Oracle: The gateway to the Diana Hawthorne series, where you'll dive deeper into the psychic mysteries that span across continents. Diana's wit, heart, and psychic prowess come to the forefront as she tackles mysteries that intertwine the supernatural with the everyday. It’s a journey that introduces a cast of characters as enchanting and diverse as the mysteries themselves.

Why Now?

This bundle isn’t just a collection of stories; it’s an invitation to continue your adventure into realms untold, alongside characters that have become more than mere figments of imagination. They've become companions, friends, and a part of your world.

  • Exclusive 20% Off: A special discount reserved for those who've started this journey with The Final Five. It’s my way of saying thank you and encouraging you to dive deeper into the mystery, the magic, and the mayhem that awaits.

  • Seamless Continuation: From the revelation-filled pages of Awakening to the gripping mysteries of Oracle, your journey will be seamless, immersive, and utterly captivating.

Take the Leap

The world of Diana Hawthorne, with its blend of psychic intrigue, ancient myths, and a cast of characters that feel like family, awaits your return. This is your moment to step through the portal once more, into stories that promise to enchant, entertain, and provoke thought long after the last page is turned.

Your journey into the unknown continues here. Don’t miss out on this exclusive bundle offer. Grab your bundle now and let the adventure unfold.

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Whether you're looking for psychics, shifters, angels, demons, or witches, Carissa Andrews books have it all.


You'll only find badass women here. No matter which series you pick, each woman commands her space and evolves in ways you'll never expect.

Hang onto something. You're in for a wild ride!


In Carissa's worlds you need to balance the dark and thought-provoking with a bit of the unexpected and outright hilarious. Her side-characters are masters at making you laugh.

Just you wait and see.

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